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Curetê is a luxury women’s apparel brand, with Collections proudly designed and manufactured in the United States. We are also a powerful, and singular opportunity for the modern Fashion Entrepreneur.

It is our belief that fashion is a feeling, and we want those who experience the brand to walk away feeling confident, comfortable, beautiful, unique and cared for. As a lifestyle brand Curetê approaches each Collection from the perspective of the woman wearing it. Curetê will speak to a modern sophistication that reflects her needs.

We understand that clothes really turn into fashion once they make it to the woman, and she makes them her own. Our focus will be on fit, design details that create interest and silhouettes that flatter, along with fabrics that are wearable, covetable and innovative. The Curetê experience is quite literally curated from the very beginning. Assortments are selected by the individual Fashion Entrepreneurs based on the needs of their customers'​ from the Curetê Master Collections. Prior to each season Markets are held across the country, with individual appointments attended by each Fashion Entrepreneur to select the items and looks they will curate for their custom collections.

The fashion Entrepreneur that joins Curetê is looking for the freedom to own and operate their business on their own terms. We offer that opportunity, along with a turnkey business solution that encompasses the support and infrastructure a small business requires to grow.

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