Building your own fashion business is 
within your grasp...


 makes it possible. 

  • Curate clothing from Curetê's master line each season. 
  • Add members to your team for additional commissions. 
  • Sell other brands alongside ours. 
  • Host multi-person trunk show events or sell
         one-on-one to customers - we don't dictate how you sell. 
  • Minimum line purchase of $2500.

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Read more below to see how Curetê works...

What Is Curetê?

A Brand

Curetê (pronounced "Cure-eh-TAY") is a company dedicated to designing luxury women’s apparel. We engage with entrepreneurs like you to help you build a mobile fashion experience. It is our belief that fashion is a feeling, and we want those who experience the brand to walk away feeling confident, comfortable, beautiful, unique and cared for.

An Opportunity

Just as we have positioned our brand, we recognize success often evokes similar feelings of confidence, comfort, and beauty. We are committed to working with and inspiring the Entrepreneurs who participate in the Curetê opportunity to achieve success, as they define it.

A Business Solution

The fashion Entrepreneur that joins Curetê is looking for the freedom to own and operate their business on their own terms. We offer that opportunity, along with a turnkey business solution that emcompasses the support and infrastructure a small business requires to grow.

How Curetê Works

The Beginning

First, you sign up to be a Curetê Entrepreneur.  Entreprenuers are a part of our vibrant community of independent business people focused on bringing luxurious fashion apparel and a unique shopping experience to their customers. 

At this point, it is important to decide what you want to achieve with Curetê.  Are you looking to generate some additional income? Change careers entirely? Find fulfillment by helping women in your community build their own businesses? Or something else entirely?  Curetê can help you get there!

Product Selection

Next, you identify those pieces in our collection that you believe would be most suitable for your potential customers.  This is the "curation" part of the business where you get to act as the buyer for your own virtual store. But don't worry!  Curetê's staff is available to help you curate your selection.

Unlike bricks and mortar stores where you can easily spend $100,000 or more for inventory, your investment with Curetê is limited to sample pieces that you use to show to your customers. Your store is wherever you want it to be, giving you the flexibility to sell wherever and whenever you want.


After you have made your product selections it is time to start marketing.  Invite friends and acquaintences to shop with you on-line or in person, in a party setting or one-on-one - you choose.  Or perhaps you want to try working with local fashion boutiques on a business-to-business basis. 

Curetê gives you multiple ways to market the product as well as market the opportunity to become a Curetê Entrepreneur.  

Customer Service

How do you get repeat customers - the true lifeblood of every successful business? It's all about providing great customer service. But what does this mean and is it difficult to achieve? Great customer service starts with the business owner having confidence in their product and in their ability to communicate how this product can positively impact their customers lives. Curetê provides our entrepreneurs with the product and business training they need to serve their customers in ways that will delight them through every step of their customer journey.

Straight-Forward Compensation Structure 

We deposit commissions into your account twice per month.

You can generate income in several ways:

  • 25% commissions on your personal net sales. 

  • 10% commissions on any wholesale sales.  In other words, if you choose to market the collection to another retailer (we have a special wholesale price list for this purpose), you would generate a 10% commission.

  • You generate 4% commissions on the net sales of anyone in your network, up to four generations deep. For example, if you recruit one person who then recruits two people, each of whom recruit two people and each of whom recruit yet again two people then you will receive a 4% commission for the sales of the 15 people in your network. 

  • Sale of your sample set at the end of the season. For example, you could recoup your investment in your sample set if you sell 70% of your samples at an average of 50% off retail prices.  Samples are typically purchased at anywhere from 50% to 65% less than the retail price.

Who We Are...

Our Vision

Our vision is to put the seller in the very best position to give their customer a personalized, uncompromised, shopping experience. It should reflect the desire of their client, and the strength of the Entrepreneur.

Our Values

We will pursue excellence in all aspects of the business. We will embrace innovation to make positive change, and we will look to our customer to be our inspiration. We will act with integrity, treat people with respect, engage thoughtfully, foster a culture of inclusivity, be genuine and never stop learning.

Our Team

We are dedicated to continuously improving the experience of everyone who touches this brand. It’s personal, and it’s a passion for each of us. We believe that relationships still govern success, and are the foundation of every great organization. Each member of this team brings extensive, practical experience and knowledge to the niches they lead.

Our Product

We are passionate about product, and we know that clothes can be incredibly powerful. As a lifestyle brand, Curetê speaks to a modern sophistication. Our focus will be on fit, design details that create interest and silhouettes that flatter, along with fabrics that are wearable, covetable and innovative. Our collections are made in the USA with luxury European fabrics, and average price point of $275, something most competitors cannot boast.

Looks in the Curetê Collection 

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